The history of KPI

NTUU_KPI_logo_enThe idea of establishment of technical educational institution occurred to sugar mill workers of south-west regions. On 18th of January 1880 with the active support of the head of Kyiv exchange committee N. Hryakov it was decided to open the subscription for donation-raising. Raising money, guaranteed the contributions of Kyiv patrons and support from the Minister of Justice I. Witte who allowed to make a decision on 25th of November 1896 on private meeting in L.I. Brodskyi’s house to establish Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Today Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is the largest institution of higher education in Ukraine.
Given the large organizational role Kiev Polytechnic Institute in the preparation of engineering and scientific personnel, by the decree of President of Ukraine № 289/95 of 8 April 1995 “On the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” it was given the status of National Technical University of Ukraine.

In April 2007 the Committee of the Board of Education of Ukraine, was decided to provide KPI the status of research university, and its Regulations are approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 21.11.2007, № 1332. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 03.02.2010 № 76 gave NTUU “KPI” the status of self-governing (autonomous) national research university.

A Short History: Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

It presents the history of one of the oldest and most prestigious technical universities of Ukraine, its structure, milestones. Particular attention is given to the most important achievement in the training of highly qualified engineering personnel, activities of leading scientific schools, directions, contributing to the further development of the Ukrainian economy, science and technology.

About the University

Why “KPI”?

 kpi_0NTUU “KPI” – synergy between traditions and modern science.

  • Rank among top universities of the world according to QS World University Rankings;
  • Has multilevel education system, “bachelor”, “master”, Ph.D.,D.Sc.;
  • Provide possibility to obtain two different university degrees in parallel (Double Diploma program);
  • Graduate student obtains a Diploma of EU standard which valid in USA and CIS.

NTUU “KPI” offer high quality education for reasonable price

  • NTUU “KPI” education fee is lower in comparison with HEI of Western, Eastern Europe and Russia, that are in QS World University Rankings;
  • Wide range of technical, economical, humanitarian and medical specialties;
  • Training is conducted in 19 faculties and 10 education – scientific institutes;
  • Pre-admission Department available.


  • 14 scientific and research centers;
  • 12 scientific and research institutes;
  • 8 academic centers;
  • Design bureau;
  • Collaboration with more than 150 universities and many other international organizations from 34 countries of the world;

NTUU “KPI” it is international university

  • International students from 43 countries of the world have chosen NTUU “KPI”;
  • Ukrainian and Russian language training is available;
  • Education on Ukrainian, Russian and English language is available;
  • Religious tolerance;

 NTUU “KPI” it is prestigious!

  • Graduates of NTUU “KPI” have becoming scientists of global renown;
  • Offer the challenge to get prestigious work opportunities at any country of the world;
  • Trains professionals, masters of their crafts!