In addition to already signed long-term collaboration agreement with the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (IAPM) (Kyiv, Ukraine) the Institute of Science and Technology Yenagoa spent successful meetings and negotiations in Kyiv aiming to extend our joint work and to add also collaboration between the college being an integral part of IAPM and IST. For this purpose the new agreement was drifted and signed between two parties. College program is for 3 years. Graduates are awarded with Junior Bachelor diplomas. IST Yenagoa plans to propose such programs for fresh school graduates (with WAEC or similar school leaving certificate).


Nigerian students will be able to study one year with us in Yenagoa. After one year with us in Nigeria students can go continue their studies in Ukraine. In parallel way we will apply to NBTE to look for our joint program accreditation. It will enable us to train students in Nigeria under Ukrainian program the whole 3-years period of study. Such form of training is good option for those people in Nigeria who are not looking for degree of Bachelor or Master, but rather want to get Professional or Vocational training. The program to be jointly proposed in Nigeria will be a program to train Social Workers with diploma of Junior Bachelor.


Such people can work in different social humanitarian projects like allied health personnel. There are a lot of projects in Nigeria implemented by both local and International NGOs focused on fighting against HIV, malaria, hepatitis, tuberculosis who will require workers with such background. All interested are welcome!