Delta Business School

Overview & Academics

Welcome to Delta Business School, part of the Institute of Science and technology, Yenegoa. The DBS is a dynamic, research-led multidisciplinary learning environment. In everything we do, we try to make a difference to the world around us.

We prepare our students for the workplace, making sure they hit the ground running with the knowledge and skills that local and international employers really want.

Through the distinctiveness and creativity of our students, excellence of our academic staff, intellectually rigorous research, we seek to inform business practice to make a difference to our community in Balyelsa State in particular and Nigeria in general. For example, through our research, we seek to create the latest understanding of how to grow organisations and manage people in a range of industries and business sectors. We will use our expertise to transform individuals, businesses and organisations through consultancy, training and local and international partnerships.

In terms of aspirations, our portfolio of undergraduate, postgraduate, short professional development programmes would have a strong international focus and would be constantly updated to give students the latest professional and research-based knowledge, and the best possible learning experience. We would have excellent links with industry and professional bodies both in Nigeria and further afield.

We would run a wide range of activities to support businesses in the Bayelsa State, nationally and beyond; and we would also offer customised management development programmes. We would, in essence, increase our influence across Nigeria and beyond through the research expertise of our academics and partnerships with local, national and international reputable schools.


Department of Small Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Department of Small Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovation provides entrepreneurship education across the Institute; it seeks to conduct academic research funded by a range of public and industry sources, and to engage with policymakers and business advisory agencies in Bayelsa state and Nigeria, to inform practices of entrepreneurs and small businesses innovation. Our coverage subject areas range from social innovation to strategic entrepreneurship and family business. The Department is committed to excellence in both teaching and research.

Department of Human Resources, Strategy & Marketing

The Department of Human Resources, Strategy & Marketing at the Delta Business School delivers excellent teaching and research, with our teaching having impact at all levels of business education – be they at undergraduate, post-graduate and professional-development levels. The Department main focal areas range from strategic management, corporate governance, human resources, and marketing.

Department of Business Finance & Accounting

The mission of the Department of Business Finance & Accounting is to serve the needs of the department’s stakeholders by providing accounting and finance education to people of Nigeria, service and support to professional and Institute communities, and opportunities for academic development. Finance is the study of ways in which individuals, businesses, organisations raise, allocate and monetary resources overtime, taking into accounts the risks entailed in their projects. Accounting functions ranges from bookkeeping to the production of business financial statements and reports. The Department is committed to excellence in both teaching and research.