Overview & Academics

Welcome to the School of Innovative Technologies at the Institute of Science and Technology, Yenagoa. The mission of the School of Innovative Technologies is to help the country create the necessary Information Technology professionals to work in Nigeria.

The School deals with the sciences of technology and engineering in the applied field, in general within the industrial sector, and with technology and information services for both training and research. The School offers degree and short training courses for students and professionals in a range of programmes including industrial technology and management, information technology and management, informatics and computer science.

At the moment, the structures of the School consist of three departments which cover wide areas of knowledge for the innovative development of the technology of materials for the industrial and government sectors.


Department of Applied Technologies

Welcome to the Department of Applied Technologies. The mission of the department to promote reality-based approach to education, a hands-on learning environment, that will allow students to apply classroom learning to solve real-life problems, preparing them for a variety of positions in Industrial Technology and Management with a curriculum that provides students with a broad knowledge of industrial technologies and how they are applied, as well as the managerial and communication skills required to effectively manage operations, personnel, and resources. In terms of aspiration, the department aims is to provide the highest level of teaching and research in technology, while providing the learner with a solid foundation in the technology management.

Department of Informatics and Systems Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Informatics and Engineering. Informatics is concerned with the study of information technology in a context, while business informatics combines information technology, informatics and management concepts. The department at IST offers two complementary contexts for the study and application of information technology with specific focus on Business, Library Science and Data Science.

The department programmes will give the learner the technical, analytical, business, and systems know-how to integrate computer technology into vital business operations and administrative tasks — whether it’s for a private or non-profit organization, a government agency, or an educational institution.

The department courses in Library Informatics appropriate for data scientists. The department’s systems engineering brings together a unique mix of expertise in information technology, computer science, cybernetics and electronic engineering, with a mission is to conduct research and provide quality education to the students.

Department of Oil and Gas Engineering & Assets Management

Welcome to the Department Oil & Gas Engineering. The mission of the department is to provide students with a detailed knowledge of the technology required to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry, by giving students both a theoretical and practical grounding in this field, equipping them well to tackle the challenges of the Oil & Gas industry.

The department’s academics are drawn from individuals with strong teaching and research background and expertise in Engineering, Geology, Chemistry, and the Energy Industry. The department will offer courses in Petroleum and Gas Engineering fields covering Geology, Exploration, Drilling production, Reservoir management, Petroleum economics and management, Gas processing, LNG, Gas transmission, Distribution, the industrial and commercial utilisation of oil and gas.

Additionally, courses will also be offered in oil and gas engineering and asset management. The latter curriculum will focus on increasing the competitiveness of the oil and gas industry. Course coverage embraces management techniques, organisation, planning and the application of substantial electronic, engineering and analytical know-how to manufacturing processes, transport, power generation and the efficient operation of the oil and gas industry.

The aim of the asset management course at the IST is to give the oil and gas industry the technical and managerial expertise to thrive in the global marketplace.