Overview & Academics

The School of Applied Sciences at the Institute for Science and technology seeks to be a vibrant teaching and research environment. The School’s mission is to provide a science and research based education in a number of natural and physical sciences.

The School is dedicated to finding practical solutions to real-world problems in the key areas of science and technology. The School’s curricular and programmes are designed to build on the research by our academics and provide the skills required by local, national and international employers, while inspiring our learners to succeed.

The School is home to the Department of Biological and Analytical Sciences and Department of Forensic Sciences, both of which aim to bring a multidisciplinary approach to both our courses and our research and consultancy activities.


Department of Biological and Analytical Sciences
Welcome to the Department of Biological and Analytical Sciences. The Biological Sciences are the study of all living things. Biology is a rapidly changing science and encompasses the disciplines of physiology, cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology and biochemistry. The Department’s courses would focus on the biological basis of human health and disease. The analytical sciences curriculum would focus on the analysis of the chemical composition of materials and include disciplines such as chemistry.

Department of Forensic Sciences
Welcome to the Department of Forensic Sciences. The mission of the Department is the application of science and medicine to the purposes of justice. The pursuit of this mission includes the unbiased analysis of evidence that is generated during criminal investigations. The Department’s curriculum seeks to provide students an opportunity to learn from scholars and practicing professionals in all aspects of forensic science. Courses are aimed at meeting the needs of professionals in the field to pursue careers in many of the disciplines found in crime laboratories and law-enforcement agencies. The Department aims to offer courses in forensic chemistry, forensic molecular biology, forensic toxicology, and Crime Scene Investigation.