Overview & Academics

The School of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is an interdisciplinary school with an interest in how the interactions between the different components of the system impact on food security and associated ecosystem services.

The School encompasses a broad range of interests that include fundamental studies of ecosystem processes such as microbiology, soil science and geochemistry and environmental processes related to soil, air and water pollution. As a School we are dedicated to solving real-world problems in agriculture, environmental sciences to produce a better Nigeria, healthier people and an improved standard of living for all Nigerians. To this end, the School aims to encourage sound environmental practices and enhance the reputation and competitiveness of the Nigerian agricultural and food sector.

As an aspiration, the School would also conduct agricultural research that would focus on improving agricultural production systems, enhancing agricultural sustainability and addressing issues of food security whilst protecting the environment.


Department of Food Security & Sustainability

Welcome to the Department of Food Security & Sustainability. The mission of the department is to train scientists in the area of food security, equipped with skills in agronomy; plant pathology, plant disease and plant genetics; and knowledge of modern agricultural systems and agricultural policy. At the Department of Food Security & Sustainability, we know that crop yields in Nigeria need to rise significantly in a manner that requires lower dependency on chemical intervention and fertilisers.

To this end, the department will work to promote food security through research, dissemination, education, community action and professional practice. In doing so, the department’s curriculum would focus on whole farm sustainability assessments and the environmental impact of food production in Nigeria. Our research would take interdisciplinary and systemic approach to environmental sustainability and socio-cultural aspects of food security.

Department of Rural Skills & Innovation

Welcome to the Department of Rural Skills & Innovation. The mission of the department is to empower learners to adopt entrepreneurial mindsets that deliver rural business success, personal development and rural community growth. To this end, the department will provide training in Management and Business Skills for agriculture and rural businesses with a view to enhancing the skills and capacities across rural Nigeria. Through cutting-edge research, the department aims to improve the economic, environmental and social sustainability of rural areas in particular, as well as improve the development of sustainable agricultural systems and food supply chains, and increase farm output through efficiency and innovation.

Department of Environmental Sciences and Climate Studies

Welcome to the Department of Environmental and Climate Studies. Environmental Sciences at the institute is an interdisciplinary field concerned with the interaction of processes that shape our natural environment. 

The department aims to provide students with the breadth of understanding and the skills necessary for resolving environmental questions. It will particularly offer opportunities to develop interests in a number of areas, including environmental science; environmental values, policy, and law; earth system science; public health; urban environmental problems; climate change; energy systems; environmental monitoring; environmental justice; and creating a sustainable future on scales ranging from local to global.

The department would do so through integrated, problem-oriented study and a broad range of courses across disciplines and schools. The research at the department focuses comprehensively on environmental changes caused by human activities. The research at the department is aimed at finding solutions to environmental problems. Research is both biologically and socially oriented and multidisciplinary.